Insight Skin

Insight skin deals with the way trauma transforms a body, its behaviour and shape. This performance investigates the boundaries culture places on women, their sexuality and shape, thereby dictating what they may hide or reveal.
Insight skin challenges the boundary between inside and outside and the implications of each. It discovers hidden layers inside the body that are thought to be repulsive and seeks to transform them into agents of new possibilities while no longer treating the skin as a boundary.

Within Insight skin, an alternative body is created, one in which the terms “disability” and “imperfection” are irrelevant. A body, which naturally produces its own movements and way of being. The transformation undergone by the body in the course of the performance is an expression of supressed interior conflicts and past encounters with reality. Through this transformation, dialogue between different sides of the skin and a discourse of aesthetics is created. Insight skin turns the inside out and leaves nothing undiscovered.

Concept, perfomance, costume: Moran Sanderovich | Dramaturgy: Amit Jacobi

Moran Sanderovich’s Insight Skin | Trailer (2:14 Min)

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