Smoothies for Lost Souls

Adrian is a perfection-obsessed therapist in a life coaching corporation called Smoothies&Minds. His smoothies and positive affirmation treatment prove ineffective to his patients, and too many of them kill themselves.

As one can imagine, this is bad for business and even worse for his own career.

On the verge of a mental breakdown, Adrian comes face to face with a satanic strawberry and ultimately must make a decision about his new path in life…

Directed by Amit Jacobi
Written by Amit Jacobi 
Luca van Bambost
Producers Alice Raymond & Pauline Glomaud-Murmann
Executive Producers Pauline Glomaud-Murmann
Julian Raymond
Director of Photography Daniel Gal
Adrian Barry John Kinsella
Gigi Geneviève Lowe
Emilia Georgie Rhys
Mac Nick von Schlippe
Camera Operator Andrea Di Franco
Focus Puller Tom Turner
2nd Assistant Camera Federico Ricci
Alex Magill
Ada Wesolowska-Natkaniec 
Steven Carver
Ethan Harris-Woodfin
Lisa Korzheva-Chuvelena 
Andrea Farnocchia
Hulda Federica Orru’
Edited by Veronika Mihhailova
Script Supervisor Hélène Le Goff
Production Designer Elliot Selfe
Costume Designer Alys Young
Makeup Artists Chloe Hollingworth
Danielle Sambrook
Sound Designer Daniel Kempson
Location and Foley Recordist Samuel Turkson
Sound Recordist Andrei-Tudor Grigore 
Boom Operators Nick Grant
Oscar Perez
Music by Lucas Carey
1st Assistant Director Iman Khan
Runners Anselm Keim
Hugo Correnti
Colourist Andi Chu
Re-recording Mixer Ben Carr
Foley Artist Ricky Butt
Stills Photographers Adam Pietraszewski
Bige Targit
Dani Brieva
Rosie Lonsdale

Tracy Bass, Nigel Bristow, Rose Cussen, Jamie McCoan, Gerry McCulloch, Chu-Li Shewring, Larry Sider, Maura Angioi, Peter Sant, Nigel Smith, Stefan Zambinski, Anja Murmann, Sabine Schenk, Alfredo Di Franco, Jan Murmann, Charlotte Hartley, Helen Raymond, Nicola Keim, James Carman, Jérôme Chaudefaux-Glomaud, Virginia Raymond, Sidney Long, Amir Gafner, Noa Rennert, Roy Efrat, Adam Kalderon, Flavia Campi, Asaf Yacobi, Ole Mienert, Matthew Suddaby, Michael Wurzel, Murat Suner, Tim Reynard, Nic Martlew, Katharine Beynon, Holly Calcott, Spotlight, CBMA, Direct Digital, VMI, Panavision, FilmFixer, Croydon Council, Tandridge District Council