I know i’m ugly but i glitter in the dark

Photo: Patrick MikulskiPhoto: Danny kurzPhoto: Danny kurz

Illuminated by screenlight, surrounded by cameras and computers, always online, always exposed, preaching to the nation, working out, earning money, fighting the enemy, changing the world, trying to find a home in the last place one can still migrate to – the internet.

Concept & Director: Sivan Ben Yishai
Performer & co-Director: Amit Jacobi
Stage Installation: Moran Sanderovich
Computers, Music & Technical managment: Tal Kirshboim
Video: Charlotte Sauvaget
Technical managing and wood: Patrick Mikulski

Auswandern ins Ich | Tagesspiegel

Wir stellen den Initiator des Festivals, den Pianisten und Komponisten Ohad Ben-Ari, die Theaterautorin Sivan Ben Yishai und ihr Stück “I know I’m ugly, but I glitter in the dark” und eine Künstlerin der Ausstellung “Circle One” vor | Abendschau

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